Love, Relationships & The Universe.

There is no greater power than love.

The amount of love we can offer depends on our level of maturity. Its limit is decided by our experience’s, spiritual journey, perception & truths. Love is the highest frequency any human can emit. It is the most beautiful, magical and most incredible energy we can offer. The lowest frequency any human can emit is fear, it’s paralyzing. We perceive the world what we carry in our hearts and that perception can only come and only change from the lessons we encounter. We grow apart from people that don’t grow in the same direction and we transform into the person we choose to create.

The universe provides a love for us far greater and more meaningful than the love we seek in others, yet so many of us desperately search for someone to magically do the job of the universe. This can not be done.

We will take loved received for granted, eventually.  

The emptiness we feel is the universe calling. What we really seek in someone is comfort, energy, connection, change and excitement.

Despite my relationship with the universe, I forget how fulfilling it is. I take the woods, adventure, the earth and spirit for granted. I want instant gratification, someone to love me unconditionally because I have yet to find that person. If we work on our personal project (self-love, goals, self-discovery) the universe will never bore us. 

The most beautiful relationship is when two people can honor each others freedom. If we seek love for any other reason than to return it back, we will never be happy in our relationships.

We can not know what love is until we know what love is not. We can’t know what self-love is, until we know what it is not. For some, this is very difficult to learn.

A relationship is not a band-aid. It is not something that is going to heal our wounds or  protect us or save us. The band-aid will fall off eventually and our wounds will be exposed again and again.

I personally was unable to love others until I grew to understand what love meant.

Many have an image of what they want in love and life, but few understand the picture of what change and transition really is. It’s up to us on how many times we want to keep rebuilding our foundation. Too often we increase the speed of the process, instead of slowing it down to get it right the first time. Build slowly and carefully, or build quickly and risk the repairs.

If our level of maturity is at its greatest peak, we can understand that love cannot be rushed, as love is always there. Love has no fear, love is healing. Love doesn’t come with strings or attachments, love is pure and nurturing.

Love is measured by its limits and those limits are measured by learned experiences. Our suffering is our greatest teacher, and our teacher is change. We can only learn from our pain if we let ourselves heal properly. This is emotional maturity.

In relationships, we will get hurt and bothered. The personal space we desire and the boundaries we set aren’t always going to be how we want it to be, after all, we are literally stepping on our loved one's toes.

We don't get to choose how someone loves us. We make the choice to put up with what we have and decide to control something that’s not in our hands. Therefore we can’t expect it to end in our favor.

If we stop growing, we stop living. Most people don’t live, they just exist, then complain about existing.

Your life is supposed to feel good to you. Everything you want you can have. With intention, everything will follow. Look beyond love in someone because you will not find exactly what it is you are looking for until you can see love in everything. Until we learned the importance of a lesson, the universe will always bring it back in our path.

Everything I see and everyone I meet, I see as a luxury, not a necessity. Their presence and their absence - a luxury. Once we are awakened, we have no interest in keeping anything. Love is not selfish. Love is healing. Love is positive. Love is a beautiful, boundless energy that is meant to be shared and transferred.

There is no greater power than love.

Sarah Simplot3 Comments