Living Completely Alive & Emotionally Free

It’s difficult for many people to be opened emotionally. More-so few people are emotionally mature enough to understand their own needs and the emotional roots associated with what is connecting the emotional response.

Our emotions hold us back and prevent us from living and being awakened. You can’t expect an amazing fulfilled life with a broken, oozing mess of a heart and mind until you are 100% dedicated to working on yourself. Your personal project should be a priority. It starts with you and it’s a lifetime commitment.

A vast number of people escape in illusion, fantasies and distractions instead.

How rare it is to see someone truly care for their temple wholeheartedly. What we see is misleading around us. We create illusions based on what we think we see.  But in reality, our perception won’t change until we change ourselves and views of the world.

We as human beings have grown accustomed to distracting ourselves from reality, and it has become way too easy to do. Diverting our attention away from our distractions has become a chore.

Many people expect life to reward them with something grand. The universe will give you only what you need, only if you need it, and only when you are ready. The universe doesn’t give handouts. You can’t fake anything with the universe either, for it feels and knows your energies better than you. The universe is sensitive to our frequencies. You can’t form a whisper without it knowing.

The universe works slow. Everything will collide together at the right moment, but only if you let it.  We must work hard for what we want and we have to want it for ourselves and no one else. I guarantee you, you will experience a great deal of pain, and if you don’t, you aren’t digging deep enough. Working on yourself will be the most difficult choice you will ever make.

Once we heal our wounds and get honest with ourselves, the love for ourselves will be greater than any love you will ever feel for anything or anyone else. The world will change, your perspective will change, and your idea of compassion and understanding will grow enormously. Forgiving will become easy; time becomes too valuable and precious. Your standards will be higher and they will honor your self-respect. You will walk, speak and radiate in love. People will draw to you because of your new vibrations.  Your life will have no space for anger, hate, or negativity any longer. You will only witness it around you, but not within. 

Only you have the power to make this change and it starts with inner freedom. Free yourself from the madness and chaos that holds you back and set yourself free! 

Practice letting go. Appreciate your time because time is valuable, and it goes by so fast. Understand your worth. Your value to the community might seem small but you have the power to make a difference. Your insecurities are telling you otherwise.  Spend time in solitude and get to know yourself. Solitude is the simplest way to grow. Truly appreciate who you are as a human being and appreciate what you can do for the world!

There was a point I could not feel love at all. I would look at things knowing love should be there, but I felt nothing. I walk in love today. Love is everywhere and although years ago I thought I was worthless, I’d set my value high today. And so should you! 

Sarah Simplot1 Comment