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Stimulate imagination by TAKING RISK.

GET AWKWARD & allow yourself to be


OWN UP TO YOUR LIES. You’ll discover you.

And They make great stories.

Never stop CREATING yourself.

And, FOR GOD SAKES, trust and BELIEVE in yourself,

Never question a decision once it’s made.


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NYC Networking For Professional Photographers & Working Models *POSTPONED FOR THE LAUNCH OF LooksToBook.com

NYC Networking Opportunity For

Professional Photographers and Working Models

Models will be available to shoot.

10% of ticket cost will go to one or 3 organisations of your choice:

Sure We Can

Bideawee Home

New York Foundation For The Arts

Long Island City, NY 11101

Everyone is required to register.




Exact Location in Long Island City will be given upon registration.

Fee: $130.00

small bites & beverages

If you have any questions sarah@withinaframe.com