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Learn Street Photography in Downtown Stamford
3:00 PM15:00

Learn Street Photography in Downtown Stamford

My name is Sarah Simplot and I specialize in visual journalism.  My favorite projects are the kind that create change in the world.  It’s easy to lose sight of who we are. I believe journalism can help us discover bits and pieces of our authentic self through connection. To go on a brief journey with a single photograph or story is beyond special. 

I combine observational learning and body language with street photography to capture moments, candids and memories while producing captivating storytelling. I hold my workshops throughout Stamford, CT & NYC. I not only teach street photography, but I help students get past hurdles and nervousness one would normally feel so they can connect to their creative imagination on the streets.

Upon meeting the group will discuss the schedule and go over any photography and camera gear questions. Other topics include:  Natural lighting, chasing light, using light, shadows, body language and observational learning. After the group discussion I will give an assignment and the group will split up in Downtown Stamford and street shoot. We will meet back up, load images on a computer, then debrief and critic. After knowing everyone's perception, I will make suggestions and photograph with the group, talking through emotional barriers that tend to arise with street photographers (men and women have similar feelings) and offer students tips, ideas and tools that I use.

The group and I will stay in Downtown Stamford, Connecticut 06901. We'll meet at the Carousel in  Mill River Park. Location: 1055 Washington Boulevard, Stamford, CT

Fee: $99 3pm-6pm 

Group Type: Beginners \ 10 Slots Opened

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