Without creativity, life is lost.

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The Art Of

Body Language. Listening. Silence. Intuition. Exploration. Imagination & Self-Discovery.


The Art Of Exploring Your Imagination

Stimulate imagination by TAKING RISK.

GET AWKWARD & allow yourself to be


OWN UP TO YOUR LIES. You’ll discover you.

And They make great stories.

Never stop CREATING yourself.

And, FOR GOD SAKES, trust and BELIEVE in yourself,

Never question a decision once it’s made.




The Art Of Different.

The art of listening




The Art Of Self-Discovery & Healing

the bravest decision we will ever make for ourselves is creating a life we always dreamed of.



Where To Find Me


We decide about things with what is going on inside us emotionally. We will see only what we want and rarely the whole picture. It’s the whole picture we need to see not just the things we want at the moment. We don’t get what we want; we get what we need. If we force solutions, we will only see part of the picture. We force solutions to get out of feeling what we are feeling and we need to see the forcing part.


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